Naturalistic Paganism


Spirituality without religion: An interview with Drew Jacob

image enhanced from original by Robb North This week we talk to Drew Jacob, author of the blog Rogue Priest and the new ebook, Walk Like a God: How to Have Powerful Spiritual Moments With No Church and No Dogma. …

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Nontheistic ritual: Is it effective?

photo by B. T. Newberg – by B. T. Newberg Two weeks ago I completed a seven-day Humanistic Pagan retreat.  In this post, I evaluate the effectiveness of the retreat, and then focus on one of its most controversial aspects:…

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Retreat, day two: Nature and the Five +1

– by B. T. Newberg Today I’ll talk about spending time in nature, and exploring the Five +1 (fives senses, plus one introspective sense).  Befitting the topic, there’s extra sensory stimulation in this post: not only images but a video…

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