Naturalistic Paganism


How I finally “got” ritual: A dialogue with DT Strain and B. T. Newberg, part 2

Today, we begin our late spring theme, Practice, with DT Strain, director of the Spiritual Naturalist Society, who shares how he learned to “get” ritual as a naturalist, and he asks B. T. to share his understanding in turn. Click above…

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The HPedia: Meditation

Your help is needed!  Please critique this entry from the HPedia: An encyclopedia of key concepts in Naturalistic Paganism.  Please leave your constructive criticism in the comments below. Meditation can mean many things, no doubt due largely to the vast…

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Meditation on the Five +1

– by B. T. Newberg How do we experience our world? …through touch, taste, smell, sound, sight, and introspection. The following meditation grounds a person deeply in these six foundations of experience.  One by one, awareness is brought to each…

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Ritual – why bother? by Jake Diebolt

This week we have something new: a “challenge” piece.  Jake airs many concerns common among those who question naturalistic ritual.  He says: “While it may reflect a dissenting opinion on HP, I feel it could be valuable as a point…

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Bicycle meditation, by Thomas Schenk

photo by Alex Robinson I love to wake early on a Sunday morning and go for a bike ride.  Unlike the many people who pass me as I plod along, I do not ride for exercise or any other discernible…

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