A Naturalistic Creed

Life is our religion.

The Universe is our deity. 

Science is our theology. 

The Earth is our temple.

Nature is our scripture. 

Evolution is our creation story. 

All truth is our creed.

A life of compassion and service is our offering.

*This creed is the outcome of an online survey conducted of Humanistic and Naturalistic Pagans.

5 Comments on “A Naturalistic Creed

  1. I remember when the community put our heads together to create this as a modification of Michael Dowd’s similar creed. I was wondering if anybody ever alerted him to it. I bet he’d find it interesting. 🙂

    • I’ll send him a note through Jon. His wife, Connie Barlow, came to my UU church a couple months ago. I should have mentioned it to her.

  2. Hi. I was inspired by your site. Im too “questioning” for asatru.
    Any norse would be. I admit to liking the Proposition of a natiralistic paganism.

  3. UU’s creating a humanist/naturalist spirituality? I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked! 😉

    In all seriousness, this is a creed I can get behind. Much love from a fellow UU.


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