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No-Nonsense Paganism: Finding the fire again

First they decided they didn’t need the sacred fire. Then they did away with the words of the prayer. And then they forgot where the holy place was. And all they were left with was the story.

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The Winter Thermstice (Imbolc) Approaches! + Online Rituals!

Wow, those same ice crystal bonds which make up a “delicate” snowflake are strong enough to hold up a car!

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No-Nonsense Paganism: Daily Spiritual Practice (part 1)

Let’s talk a little about spiritual discipline.

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Yule (the Winter Solstice) is coming up fast, + a bunch of Online Rituals!

The longer nights around Winter Solstice give our Moon greater prominence – a perfect reminder of the Artemis missions! For many of us, this is a big Sabbat, which takes a more preparation (and if you are buying gifts, the Naturalistic Pagan Gift List here might help).  

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No-Nonsense Paganism: My Winter Ritual

It’s really not a complicated ritual. There’s a a simple but powerful gesture–passing the flame–and a recitation of poem that resonates deeply with me and gestures to something bigger than I can easily explain. And there’s a little deliberate structuring to give it shape. And that’s it.

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