Naturalistic Paganism


What is spiritual experience like for you?

Thing on Thursday #6 This week we come to the spiritual experience itself. “Spiritual” may not even be the best word for it necessarily, but it is that unique experience or range of experiences encountered in moments of transcendence or…

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Spirituality without religion: An interview with Drew Jacob

image enhanced from original by Robb North This week we talk to Drew Jacob, author of the blog Rogue Priest and the new ebook, Walk Like a God: How to Have Powerful Spiritual Moments With No Church and No Dogma. …

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Paganism and the brain, by Rhys Chisnall

image enhanced from original and original This week we dive into the field of neurotheology with an essay by Rhys Chisnall. Is the brain a necessary condition to having religious and mystical experiences? Is there a biological underpinning to the…

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