Praise for NP

We greatly appreciate your feedback, both the positive kind and constructive criticism.  Here are some comments from readers about their experience with

“[…] thank you so much for all you have done with HP [former name of].  This site has been very important in my development as a naturalistic pagan and a real motivator to move me past just intellectual theorizing about naturalistic paganism into actually practicing naturalistic paganism as a religious path.  HP has really helped me feel a part of a wider community and given me a sense that naturalistic paganism has real viability as a path.”

“Finally, I have a name! … your site more than anything else gives me hope that the term ‘Pagan’ can be reconciled with humanistic values. … I was on the verge of abandoning the term ‘Pagan’ altogether because of the associations with supernaturalism, until I found this site and this group. Thanks!”

“The site looks fantastic B.T.! You’ve really done an excellent job of creating a true community blog.”

“I just wanted to let you know that you’ve put into words something I have not found any validation for in the longest time. … I just wanted to let you know that your beliefs line up so well with mine and your writing has seriously changed my life (I know that sounds crazy, but you are literally the first person to ever put into words what I’ve felt for so long).”

“After searching all my life (I’m 51), I have finally found my religion!”

I am just beginning my real involvement with humanistic paganism and am so grateful for this community. I am a humanist chaplain and devout feminist … Humanistic paganism is a wonderful vehicle for my ministry to women who work in reproductive healthcare. Thank you so much for this site and the Facebook page!”

2 Comments on “Praise for NP

  1. I’ve finally found you! By accident! I LOVE everything you say….I’ve been searching for something that connects with my way of thinking and you’re it. The Winter Solstice/Yule was beaufiful and is now our new tradition along with the sage smudge of ourselves and home by myself and my granddaughters thst we have been doing. Thank you for finding your way to us. Blessed be


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