Do you feel called to serve?

Naturalistic Paganism fits within several big-umbrella communities, many of which offer ordination.  Here are a few resources to get you started.

One Comment on “Ordination

  1. …hello there, Thomas Lundbaek here!

    To whom it concerns:

    Am very interested in becoming a Pagan minister, and have been for a very long time (in fact, since early childhood), being a Danish descendent of Vikings (with bastard ties going back to royalty of Old, according to Father’s research into our ancestry), & first~generation American.

    Came very close to seeking same while i was a Lead Children’s Religious Educator, for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin,(in Terra Linda, Ca.), simultaneously whilst an In~home Foster Care Counselor, and Traffic Violations School Instructor; including much more (feel free to see more about me and my credentials, certifications, and experience on “LinkedIn, if you will).

    i would sincerely love to chat with you about the prospect, merits and/or perils of becoming “Ordained” (and what that entails and takes).
    You may reach me directly anytime at: 1(415)377-4436; otherwise, emailing will suffice in interim.

    Thank and bless you in advance, as i trust this message shall find you and yours, very well and better indeed!

    Sincerely, Thomas Lundbaek..


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