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  1. The first thing that needs to be understood regarding this comment is that there are Honest Christians in the European Union who do not Repress their Fellow Human Beings, and who do not commit Injustices against their Fellow Human Beings, and then there are the Catholics in the European Union.

    There are some Muslim Countries in the World who do not Repress their Fellow Human Beings, and who do not commit Injustices against their Fellow Human Beings, and then there are the Muslims in Europe.and it needs to be understood that mention of Countries refers to the Leaders of those Countries, while there are Citizens of every Race in Europe who are Objective with regards to the Facts.

    This comment contains some information proving that Germany and Catholicism in the European Union wants to use Islam in the European Union as their Secret Army for the Fourth Reich, and this is why Germany, and other Catholics support the Muslim Kosovo Albanians with their attempts to make Serbia’s Southern Province of Independent.

    Islam in Europe is being used as a Political Movement that is Independent of Law and of Democracy, and so there could be some People who think that the European Union is better off without Catholicism and Islam in the European Union.

    We know that the European Union President wants the European Union to Establish its own Army, and it is mainly Catholic Europe centered around the Germanic and Nordic Peoples who wish to Dominate the rest of Europe, and they are the Allies of the Muslims Albanians, and Muslim Bosnia in Europe, and France is pressured by Catholic Europe to follow Germanic and Nordic Europe.

    We can see why the Catholic Countries of the European Union Act the way they do, and it is because, as European Catholics, they Love Evil, at , and at .

    An Example of this is how Pope John Paul 2 beatified a Nazi War Criminal who was the Archbishop Stepinac of Croatia and the current Pope wants to make this Mass Murderer a Saint, and the Video is Titled: Nazi War Criminal and Roman Catholic Cardinal Stepinac at .

    We know that Muslim Turkey is Guilty of several Genocides, and the one we hear of most of is the Armenian Genocide of 1915, and Turkey committed Genocides on Greeks and on others.

    The Catholics in Europe are also Guilty of Genocide in Europe, and they wish to continue committing Genocide in Europe.

    A Video of what the Catholic Church did in one part of Non Catholic Europe is Titled: Jasenovac – Cruelest Death Camp in WW2 (English subtitles) (WARNING — NOT CENSORED) at .

    We can see how the Radical Muslims of some of the Muslim Countries behave, and it needs to be said that not all Muslim Countries are Radical Fundamentalist Muslims, but Radical Fundamentalist Muslims Countries like Bosnia and Albania in Europe, at .

    The Croats of the former Yugoslavia, and the Albanian Muslims, and the Muslims of Bosnia Herzegovina were the Allies of the Hitler and other European Catholics, and they were involved in Genocide of Serbs and Jews in WW 2, and today the Muslims of Bosnia Herzegovina and the Muslims Kosovo Albanian are continuing their Cultural and Physical Genocide of the Serbian People which they began decades ago.

    The World can Cope with a few Worthless Human Beings who happen to be ordinary People, but the World cannot survive if too Many of the Leaders of the more significant Countries of the World are Worthless People.

    The World’s Leaders including the Turkish People Know that Turkey committed Genocide, and they have not as yet Admitted to it, and All Worthwhile Leaders of the World should Admits to this, and Apologizes for its Genocide.

    All of the Worthwhile Leaders as opposed to the Worthless Leaders of the Countries of the World Know that because of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244, it is Illegal for Serbia’s Province of Kosovo to join UNESCO, and we know that Worthless Leaders are a Danger to this Planet.,

  2. Самое любимое порно видео, когда групповуха набирает такой размах, что заливают спермой все и всех вокруг


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