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[Rotting Silver] “To Dionysos, After Reading Walt Whitman” by B. T. Newberg

To be in any form, what is that?–he says, O Dionysos, what is that? The man, he writes In long, sensuous lines a song about himself, As if to praise a god who slips between his thumbs, Makes a circuit…

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“Rational Ritual for Religious Naturalists” by John Halstead

This article was originally published at, the site of Earthseed, a Naturalistic Pagan religion. Like many naturalistic religions, the Earthseed described by Octavia Butler in her Parable series is light on ritual.  The gatherings of the Earthseed community in…

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Happy Summer Solstice!

In whatever way you are celebrating, Happy Summer Solstice!

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Your Chance to help those in Orlando – Naturally.

Have you ever gone to the funeral of an Atheistic loved one, and found your loved one’s death used to proselytize a religion she or he didn’t agree with? I have – too many times to count, in fact. It’s like getting kicked in the face when you are already grieving. If I can spare that for anyone, it’s worth it. That’s why this opportunity struck me as being so important.

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The Threefold Law – Supernatural or Psychology? by Megan Manson

One thing I like about Paganism, and particularly Wicca, is that rather than attempting to teach rules and ethics, it teaches wisdom. Held by some Wiccans, The Law of Three, also known as the Threefold Law is usually interpreted as, anything that one does to another person is returned on them threefold. So if a witch decides to curse a person, that curse will magically come back on them – but three times worse. This is what I think the Threefold Law is hinting at……

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