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Why I Don’t Do Rituals In My Garden Anymore, by Megan Manson

In You may have already read the reports about John “Bearheart” Bennett, a British druid who was stabbed and beaten by his neighbours for making too much noise during a full moon ritual.

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Pagans for Secularism, by Megan Manson

In addition to Paganism and Shinto, a major passion of mine is secularism. What’s secularism, I hear you ask. Is that the same as Atheism or Humanism? Not at all! Atheism and Humanism are philosophies, which (in most cases) are…

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Visions Part 2: Visions and Delusions, by Megan Manson

I think that it’s a bit of both. As I described in my post on skull symbolism, the human brain is remarkable and can be considered the means by which the Universe perceives itself – linking us all to the force that some call Gaia. Looking at it this way, we too are part of the divine – meaning that any experience in our minds can be interpreted as a spiritual one. Maybe where the gods come into this is how we interpret that experience.

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The Threefold Law – Supernatural or Psychology? by Megan Manson

One thing I like about Paganism, and particularly Wicca, is that rather than attempting to teach rules and ethics, it teaches wisdom. Held by some Wiccans, The Law of Three, also known as the Threefold Law is usually interpreted as, anything that one does to another person is returned on them threefold. So if a witch decides to curse a person, that curse will magically come back on them – but three times worse. This is what I think the Threefold Law is hinting at……

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Modern Knowledge, Ancient Wisdom: “The Grim Reaper and The Second Law of Thermodynamics” by Trellia

The second law of thermodynamics tells us that ultimately, everything decays. Everything wears out and fades. Everything dies.

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