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Non-theistic Freemasonry, by Roy Vrizent

While atheists cannot be made Masons in UGLE recognized lodges, Masonry does not recognize a single dogmatic definition on what God is. Men of many religious persuasions (Muslim, Wiccan, Buddhist, Episcopalian, Unitarian, etc.) up to and including private personal beliefs and theories are accepted as Brothers in Freemasonry. The caveats on this are that as with everything there are exceptions depending on what jurisdiction you’re in.

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The Summer Solstice is just two weeks away!

The Summer Solstice approaches! Ready?

The Summer Solstice is known in Contemporary Neo-Paganism as Litha or Midsummer. Neo-Pagan mythology often marks this as the moment the sun god meets his death, though sometimes that event is reserved for the cross-quarter in August or the autumnal equinox in September. A bunch of ritual and celebrations ideas can be found here……

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Sacred Springs, Part 2 by Anna Walther

In “Sacred Springs, Part 1,” I described my first visit to Barton Springs, the most famous limestone springs in Austin, and explored the role that Barton and other major Edwards Aquifer springs play in indigenous spirituality. But there are many other artesian springs along Austin-area limestone creeks, including a small, unnamed spring just a mile from my home, near the headwaters of Walnut Creek in Northwest Austin. Last summer I spent time there grounded and centered, with senses wide open.

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Sacred Springs, Part 1 by Anna Walther

Last summer I swam in Barton Springs, a spring-fed pool in the heart of downtown Austin. Native Americans have a vital, ritualistic relationship with the spring waters. The precise role the springs held in pre-Columbian indigenous spirituality is lost to time and conquest. I can take inspiration and guidance from Native American ways of relating to the Land, but must make my own practices and prayers.

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