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[Rotting Silver] “How Paradise Was Lost” by B. T. Newberg

In search of the lover from her dream, God traveled long and far and wide in the world. Through this journey she discovered diseases, death, abusive people, selfish leaders, liars, cheats, maladies of all kinds, and those who slay and…

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[Rotting Silver] “To Dionysos, After Reading Walt Whitman” by B. T. Newberg

To be in any form, what is that?–he says, O Dionysos, what is that? The man, he writes In long, sensuous lines a song about himself, As if to praise a god who slips between his thumbs, Makes a circuit…

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[Rotting Silver] “Wine for Dionysos” by B. T. Newberg

As icelets beat my ears and prick my cheeks, The candle fire of Hestia bobs within a glass cup, laying its yellow hands on the offering of wine for Dionysos: three dark bottles in the snow.   With a palm-full…

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[Mid-Month Meditation/De Natura Deorum] “What is a God?” by Jason Silva

What is a god? What is it to think of something sacred and larger than us, and infinite and boundless? Human history seems to be suffused with this inclination towards a sense of the divine. We want to believe that there is something more.

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DE NATURA DEORUM: “Adventures of a Non-Deist, or, Why I Don’t ‘Believe’ in the Gods” by Peg Aloi

De Natura Deorum is a monthly column where we explore the beliefs of Naturalistic Pagans about the nature of deity. This essay was originally published at Peg Aloi’s blog The Witching Hour on the Patheos Pagan Channel. I was raised Catholic. Not very strictly,…

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