Your Chance to help those in Orlando – Naturally.

Have you ever gone to the funeral of an Atheistic loved one, and found your loved one’s death used to proselytize a religion she or he didn’t agree with?  I have – too many times to count, in fact.  It’s like getting kicked in the face when you are already grieving.  If I can spare that for anyone, it’s worth it.

That’s why this opportunity struck me as being so important.

The Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC), together with city of Orlando and the world, continues to grieve and search for ways to lend support after the tragic events at Pulse nightclub. More than friends and allies, many LGBTQ Americans are also members of the secular community. 4 out of 10 LGBTQ Americans are religiously unaffiliated, with almost half of those individuals openly identifying as atheist or agnostic. To support the particular needs of this sizable cross-section of secular LGBTQ individuals and their families hurt by this tragedy, the CFFC is proud to offer free secular and humanist memorial services or celebrations of life.

Click on the link above to see the whole description.  But more importantly, you can help.  I’ve donated.  Every little bit helps.  We all have other expenses (including, for some of us, donations to UU Fellowships), and this is putting one’s spirituality into action.

The GoFundMe link is here.

After you’d donated, sharing on facebook or other social media can help too.



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