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“‘As mortals pour, so do the gods’: A critique of divine reciprocity” by John Halstead (Part 1)

As I pour out the water or wine or honey on the earth, I create, in the form of the stream of liquid, a living connection between myself and the earth. It is a visual and visceral representation of my connection to the earth. And in so doing, I experience both an “emptying” and also simultaneously a “filling”, as if I am both emptying the vessel of myself and filling myself at the same time, as if I am both the cup that pours and the earth which receives. In this act, I restore in a small measure that sense of sensual connection I have to the world. This for me is the true meaning of divine reciprocity.

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Mid-Month Meditation: “Adorations to the Sun” by thalassa

“Adorations to the Sun” by thalassa Waking Fire, I adore you Aurora, rosy fingered in saffron robes, I adore you Khepri, I adore you Extinguisher of darkness, I adore you Thesan of the Dawn, bringer of new life, I adore…

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“What you want, God wants” by Tomas Rees

The essay was originally published at Tomas Rees’  blog, Epiphenom: the science of religion and non-belief. Religious people tend to think that they know what their god wants, but how do they come by that knowledge? For me, as an atheist,…

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Call for Papers: What positive role do the emotions play in our Naturalistic Paganism?

“… I’m not sure that I could be said to believe in divinity in any real way. But when it comes to how I resonate emotionally, I have very strong pantheistic feelings. … It is an emotional response to awe,…

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A Naturalistic Creed, by B. T. Newberg

Editor’s note: Recently, Maggie Jay Lee wrote here about Michael Dowd, author of Thank God for Evolution, and his naturalistic creed. In the comments to Lee’s essay, our own B. T. Newberg offered the following draft of a Naturalistic Pagan…

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