Naturalistic Paganism

Category: Thalassa

Thoughts on three quotes about nature by Thalassa

Nature is a harsh mistress, tis said … or that she is cruel, that that she’s just a b****.

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Mid-Month Meditation: “Adorations to the Sun” by thalassa

“Adorations to the Sun” by thalassa Waking Fire, I adore you Aurora, rosy fingered in saffron robes, I adore you Khepri, I adore you Extinguisher of darkness, I adore you Thesan of the Dawn, bringer of new life, I adore…

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Etiquette for interfaith discussions, by Thalassa

Editor’s note:  In light of the conflagration ignited by last week’s post, a few words seem in order.  The fact that the piece had such reverberations throughout the Pagan community seems a sign that HP has grown, enough that we…

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