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Late Fall Theme: What ethical obligations do our beliefs impose on us as Naturalistic Pagans?

This year, we divided the year at HP into 8 semi-seasonal themes, following the Neo-Pagan Wheel of the Year.  The themes for 2014 were inspired in part by the Earth Story Calendar created by Peter Adair. In early winter, we…

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What to look forward to in October at HP

This Month at HP This month, we continue our early fall theme: “Life and Death“. Oct 5  “Death: Sacred, Necessary, Real” by Michael Dowd Oct 8  “Vulture” by Robinson Jeffers Oct 12  Postpagan Ceremony & Ecology by Glen Gordon Oct 15…

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What to look forward to in September at HP

This month at HP, we conclude our late summer theme of “Emotion” and begin our early autumn theme “Life and Death”. New Column: Druidry Without Deity by Ryan Cronin HP is pleased to announce our newest columnist, Ryan Cronin. Ryan is a…

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Call for Essays: “Life and Death”

Our new semi-seasonal theme begins with the fall equinox, September 23.  Our early fall theme will be “Life and Death”.  What does “life” mean to Naturalistic Pagans?  And what role does an awareness of death play in our spirituality as…

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Call for Papers: What positive role do the emotions play in our Naturalistic Paganism?

“… I’m not sure that I could be said to believe in divinity in any real way. But when it comes to how I resonate emotionally, I have very strong pantheistic feelings. … It is an emotional response to awe,…

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