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Help create a Naturalistic Pagan Creed

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Postpagan Ceremony & Ecology: “Raven and the Meaning of Meaninglessness” by Glen Gordon

On the autumnal equinox of 2008, I took a random drive through the Clearwater Mountains of northern Idaho. Along the way, the firs gave way to lodge pole pine, and I could see patches of ground where trees have been…

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Call for Book Review: Mind and Cosmos by Thomas Nagel

If you have read or would like to read Thomas Nagel’s book, Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False, and write a review for Humanistic Paganism, contact the editor here. From the Amazon book description:…

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“Godlessness and the Sacred Universe” by Crafter Yearly

My experience of the divine is not grounded in some external personality or authority. But the values I came to hold in Pagan community and the energy states I experienced in Pagan practice thoroughly pervade my spiritual experiences. In their eclectic circle, I learned reverence for the earth, the interconnectedness of all beings, a deep love and for the wisdom and beauty of the life cycle—of birth, growth, death, and decay. In circle and in meditations guided by my mentor, I felt the warm peace and ecstasy that comes from the experience of union with the universe. I may have given up on finding the goddesses and gods. But I have reclaimed and rediscovered those values and experiences that I think most importantly capture the spirit of Paganism through a naturalistic, Earth-based practice.

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DE NATURA DEORUM: “Polytheism, Emergence and the One” by Gus DiZerega

De Natura Deorum is a monthly column where we explore the beliefs of Naturalistic Pagans about the nature of deity. This essay was originally published at Gus DiZerega’s blog, Pointedly Pagan.  Readers are reminded of HP’s comment policy: This site is for…

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