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PostPaganry, Part 2: Reason and Spirituality, by Glen Gordon 

Postpaganry was never meant to be a set of beliefs and practices, but a method to construct naturalistic religious and spiritual traditions from the primordial experience of being human in the exact time and place we find ourselves.

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The Idea Behind PostPaganry, Part 1: Introduction, by Glen Gordon

Postpaganry is the moment when you are the most alive and aware of the world around you. Postpaganry is when that moment sweeps you away in to spontaneous ceremony and celebration of life within and all around you. Postpaganry is the place where you feel the most at home, where you connect to the natural living-world in deep and intimate ways. A Postpagan is someone who looks for the sacred everywhere they go. A Postpagan takes breath as sacrament. A Postpagan can be anybody at any time.

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Postpagan Ceremony & Ecology: “Raven and the Meaning of Meaninglessness” by Glen Gordon

On the autumnal equinox of 2008, I took a random drive through the Clearwater Mountains of northern Idaho. Along the way, the firs gave way to lodge pole pine, and I could see patches of ground where trees have been…

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Postpagan Ceremony & Ecology, by Glen Gordon: “Walking with Whitman”

The following is a small sermon given as part of a larger worship service with three others at the Unitarian Universalist Church of The Palouse in Moscow, Idaho on Sunday, January 27th, 2013. One of the first poets I fell…

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Postpagan Ceremony & Ecology by Glen Gordon: “Regional Direction Devotional”

Over the years I have found myself in the position of creating earth-centered ceremony for my Unitarian Universalist congregation. The intent of these events was to fuse a naturalistic sense of place with a loose Wiccanate structure, in order to…

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