Naturalistic Paganism

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“Nature and Values Beyond the Binary” by Crafter Yearly

When we attempt to personify divinity, we do not make goddesses and gods in our own image, we make them to demonstrate our narrow and socially constructed norms. Nature and values are bigger, more diverse, and more complexly beautiful than those norms. We do divinity and ourselves no favors when we limit our view of the world in this way.

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“Cities and Nature” by CrafterYearly

When we define Nature as pure and non-human, we foreclose the possibility of ever being in the natural world, which simultaneously elevates nature into the realm of the ideal, and has the negative effect of placing concern for the Earth outside of human consideration.

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“Faith for the Naturalistic Pagan: Trusting in the Return of Warmth” by Crafter Yearly

Imbolc has been about faith for me this year, because instead of focusing on the light, I’m focusing on the warmth. For me, Imbolc this year is about trusting that shifts are occurring, even if their results are too subtle to perceive or delayed in their impact. It’s about trusting that clarity and warmth eventually predominate, even though the cold feels like it may go on forever. Faith in this sense, then, is not about belief in supernatural beings or the absence of rationality. Instead, it is a commitment to a sense of humility towards that which is, as yet, too subtle to be perceived.

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Review of Crosby’s Mind and Cosmos, by Crafter Yearly

Thomas Nagel’s most recent book, Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False is an important new work that speaks to a wide range of audiences: theists, atheists, scientists, and philosophers.

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A Review of Donald A. Crosby’s A Religion of Nature, by Crafter Yearly

I recently finished reading A Religion of Nature by Donald A. Crosby. And while it wasn’t the most pleasurable reading experience, it was still an important one. Crosby, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Colorado State University, writes in the style…

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