Naturalistic Paganism


DE NATURA DEORUM: “The Lord and Lady for the Non-Theist” by Rhys Chisnall

Today we continue our late-winter theme of “Order and Structure” with Rhys Chisnall’s exploration of the role of theistic language in non-theistic Paganism.  This post is also the first article of our new column, De Natura Deorum, where we explore the beliefs of…

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“My heretical Wiccan beliefs” by Merlyn

Today we continue our late-winter theme of “Order and Structure” with Merlyn, who talks about bridging left-brain rationality and right-brain mysticism.  As always, please remember that not all contributors necessarily identify with HumanisticPaganism or share the views expressed elsewhere on this site. One reason I like Wicca…

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Gaia as the Universe, by Áine Órga

In developing my own non-theistic or naturalistic spirituality, the issue of deity was one of the most difficult to address. Nothingness As I wrote in my first post, the idea of nothingness – or that which is beyond infinity –…

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What does your practice look like? by Eli Effinger-Weintraub

photo by Doug Klembara After posting the question “What does your spiritual practice look like?” to the Naturalistic Pagans email list, I was drawn to Eli’s response.  I knew immediately we had to publish it.  – B. T. Newberg I…

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Speak your truth

image enhanced from The Calumny of Apelles, by Botticelli, 1494 – by B. T. Newberg The last post emphasized how critical it is for those neither religious nor secular to make their voices known.  Now, here is an opportunity to…

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