Naturalistic Paganism

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“Observing: The shape of the ritual” by Áine Órga

This article was first published at The Spinning of the Wheel. One question that is often raised by those who are coming to Paganism for the first time – whether naturalistic or not – is that of ritual content and…

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Gaia as the Universe, by Áine Órga

In developing my own non-theistic or naturalistic spirituality, the issue of deity was one of the most difficult to address. Nothingness As I wrote in my first post, the idea of nothingness – or that which is beyond infinity –…

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Emotional Pantheism: Where the logic ends and the feelings start, by Áine Órga

I don’t take many leaps of faith intellectually, everything is based in reason. In this way I am a naturalistic Pagan. Where I do take those leaps of faith is in the emotional sphere. By engaging in this spiritual practice, I open myself up to experiencing things beyond the mundane. In many ways, it is in exercise in allowing myself to feel without judgement. My spirituality is my way of allowing my pantheism a space in my life.

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