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Monthly Archives: July 2015

“Vestals, Feminism & the ‘Evil Field'” by Debra Macleod

The emperors of the early empire granted “Vestal privileges” to female family members, thus freeing them from the patria potestas. In this way, Vestal privileges were an early form of women’s rights that could be expanded beyond the Vestal Order. Was this fledgling feminism?

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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] “Preparing a Ritual” by Bart Everson

A ritual should have an overall purpose, and everything should contribute to that, similar to what Edgar Alan Poe termed the “unity of effect” in a short story. The purpose of this ritual is, of course, to celebrate Lammas. What does Lammas mean? Or, more properly, what meaning shall we make of it?

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Call for essays: “Atheism and Meaning”

In honor of Nietzsche who died in 1900, our themes for the month of August will be atheism and meaning.

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[Starstuff, Contemplating] “Lunasa: The Power of Summer!” byHeather and Jon Cleland Host

Lunasa celebrates this heat at its peak: this is the hottest part of the summer. It is also the holiday to celebrate the fruits of summer’s heat with the first harvests of the year.

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[Rotting Silver] “Whisper at Rush Hour” by B. T. Newberg

Rotting Silver is a column devoted to this Earth in all its tarnished radiance: poetry, prose, and parables of ugliness alloyed with joy.

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