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Monthly Archives: July 2015

“The Transcendentalists: An Original Relation to the Universe” by John Halstead

Emerson’s call for “an original relation to the universe” found its way into Neo-Paganism with its distrust of tradition and emphasis on the authority of individual experience, as well as the focus on reconnecting with nature.

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“Beyond Female Role Models: The Triple Goddess as Nature” by John Halstead

The Triple Goddess is not a role model for women. Rather, she represents Nature. And the relationship between the Triple Goddess and us reflects our relationship with Nature. To us, she is Mother, Lover, and ultimately, Slayer. We are her children, all of us, male and female. And we are, all of us, also her lovers and victims.

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“Nature and Values Beyond the Binary” by Crafter Yearly

When we attempt to personify divinity, we do not make goddesses and gods in our own image, we make them to demonstrate our narrow and socially constructed norms. Nature and values are bigger, more diverse, and more complexly beautiful than those norms. We do divinity and ourselves no favors when we limit our view of the world in this way.

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“Humanistic Heathens defend their support of marriage equality” by John Halstead

The high priest of the Icelandic Heathen group, Ásatrúarfélagið, has reported receiving hate mail from abroad from other Heathens who disapprove of the liberal beliefs and attitudes of the Icelandic group, particularly the group’s respect for gay rights and its fight to be allowed to marry same-sex couples.

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Mid-Month Meditation: “Power”: Cheryl Strayed reads Adrienne Rich

Cheryl Strayed recounts her brush with the life-saving power of poetry and reads the first poem from Adrienne Rich’s 1977 masterwork, The Dream of a Common Language, titled “Power.”

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