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Monthly Archives: July 2015

“Issues with Masculine/Feminine Duality in Paganism” by Trellia

When we look at the Pagan religions, there are plenty of examples of deities that don’t neatly fit the masculine/feminine pattern. There are deities that represent a concept that is usually represented by the opposite sex, deities that have both male and female qualities, and deities with seemingly no gender at all.

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“Transphobia is Anti-Feminist” by Sable Aradia

Any system that oppresses a person – ANY PERSON WHATSOEVER – is flawed and needs to be changed.

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[Pagan in Place] “Feminism is for Naturalistic Pagans: An Invitation to Magic” by Anna Walther

The Goddess movement, while an important source of validation for women, was not enough to extinguish the violence of gender oppression. We symbol workers and magic makers still have work to do, both inside and outside the circle.

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HP Themes for the rest of 2015

Send submissions for any of these themes, or another topic, to humanisticpaganism [at] gmail [dot] com. July: “Individualism and Religion Tradition & Gender Issues” August: “Atheism and Meaning” September: “Gaia philosophy and the Earth” October:  “Superstition and Reason, or Belief and Skepticism” November: “Pantheism and Cosmology”…

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