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Intuition: Following Your Heart vs. Trusting Your Gut; by Debra Macleod

Intuition is something I’ve come to really value in all areas of my life: work, home, body, mind and spirit. Being more intuitive is definitely part of the renewed Vesta tradition – the sacred flame is a symbol of the intuitive knowledge and ability within us all. It’s the spark of insight the universe gifted us with. In the end, intuition isn’t New Age thinking. It’s ancient wisdom that you already have inside of you.

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“Looking for a ‘New’ Christmas Ritual? Try Something Old.” by Debra Macleod

Everything old tends to become new again. That, combined with the freedom of religion we enjoy in our society, may be the reason that many people are re-igniting ancient traditions that are remarkably in-tune with modern values, and which bring new meaning for them to the holidays.

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“8 Ancient Rituals to Renew Your Life, Spirit & Happiness” by Debra Macleod

Those who identify as “spiritual but not religious” often struggle to find spiritual expression or rituals that complement their humanist values and reason. If you’re nodding your head right now, check out these ancient traditions practiced by Vesta’s faithful to see whether they can help you renew your spirit while simultaneously strengthening your home life.

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“Vestals, Feminism & the ‘Evil Field'” by Debra Macleod

The emperors of the early empire granted “Vestal privileges” to female family members, thus freeing them from the patria potestas. In this way, Vestal privileges were an early form of women’s rights that could be expanded beyond the Vestal Order. Was this fledgling feminism?

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“Why Are So Many Women Embracing Vesta & Contemporary Paganism?” by Debra Macleod

The rediscovery of ancient faiths like Vesta, as well as other pre-Christian polytheistic belief systems, has been skyrocketing for years now.  And while both men and women are embracing these, I’d like to focus here on why women are doing…

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