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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Looking Back: The Year in Review at HP

It’s been a great year here at HP. Here are some of the highlights …

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“Marriage of Spirit and Soul” by Thomas Schenk

In the mythic language of alchemy, the spirit is characterized as male and associated with the sun and gold, while the soul is characterized as female and associated with the moon and silver. In this alchemical ideal of the marriage of spirit and soul, the spirit descends to the soul and the soul rises to the spirit.

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The Wheel of Evolution, by Eric Steinhart: Yule

At Yule, Pagan Naturalists picture a winter scene: the frozen ground lies bare under the dark sky of the longest night.  This is the ground of being, underneath which lies the essential soil, the soil which contains the abstract roots of all things.  At Yule, Pagan Naturalists reflect on these abstract roots.

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“Let The Sun Shine in at Christmas” by Gary Suttle

Pantheists celebrate the winter solstice. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Sun of Life and the Son of God. What is the true significance of Christmas, and how can we celebrate this joyful season in keeping with its meaning?

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[Musings of a Pagan Mythicist] “A Life-Sustaining Way″ by Maggie Jay Lee

Practicing this earth-centered celebratory path helps me to realize on a deep emotional level that “we and the Earth are one”. This Earth is not a dead place but a living, life-giving being worthy of our mindful attention. It is in those moments when I succeed in slowing down, in attending to the present that I feel most alive, and this fills me with a sense of gratitude for the beauty contained in even the most mundane moments.

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