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[Musings of a Pagan Mythicist] “A Life-Sustaining Way″ by Maggie Jay Lee

Practicing this earth-centered celebratory path helps me to realize on a deep emotional level that “we and the Earth are one”. This Earth is not a dead place but a living, life-giving being worthy of our mindful attention. It is in those moments when I succeed in slowing down, in attending to the present that I feel most alive, and this fills me with a sense of gratitude for the beauty contained in even the most mundane moments.

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Musings of a Pagan Mythicist: “Getting Down to Earth: Caring for Compost″ by Maggie Jay Lee

There is something deeply spiritual about composting.  For years I’ve had a compost pile, really just a refuse heap confined by pig wire.  It was almost impossible to turn or to get at any of the finished compost.  The flies…

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Musings of a Pagan Mythicist: “Walking Sacred Paths in Hellas″ by Maggie Jay Lee

I recently fulfilled a dream of mine to visit some of the sacred sites of ancient Greece, the land of the Hellenes.  Hellas has been for me a sustaining source of inspiration.  I am a naturalistic, pantheistic Pagan.  I do…

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Musings of a Pagan Mythicist, by Maggie Jay Lee: “Michael Dowd and Religion 3.0”

I would like to share with you a video by Michael Dowd titled “Religion 3.0: Inspiring Science, Realistic Hope”. Michael Dowd is a naturalistic Christian and the author of Thank God for Evolution. He and his wife and collaborator Connie…

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Musings of a Pagan Mythicist by Maggie Jay Lee: “Myth and Mnemosyne”

Mnemosyne, whose name means Memory, was the mother of the Muses, therefore the mother of all the ancient arts. It is now well accepted that the poetry attributed to Homer goes back to a time without writing. The gods and…

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