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Monthly Archives: December 2014

What to get a Humanistic Pagan for … Christmas?

As Naturalists and as Pagans, we have twice the reason not to celebrate Christmas.  But let’s face it.  A lot of us Humanistic Pagans do celebrate Christmas in one form or another — either as a secular gift-exchange or with…

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Holiday Music from HP’s very own DJ

Enjoy these playlists from our own Bart Everson (“Editor B”). (Alternative link to Yule playlist.)

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Call for Essays: “Our Community”

Next month, our theme will be “Community”, especially Our Community of Naturalistic and Humanistic Pagans.  We have chosen this theme in celebration  of Jon Cleland Host‘s launch of the Naturalistic Paganism Yahoo group 10 years ago, in January 2005, which…

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A Pedagogy of Gaia, by Bart Everson: “Wheel Without End”

The Purpose and Function of Holidays Many suppose that a holiday is simply time off work, similar to a vacation, an opportunity to rest and relax and engage in various recreational activities. This is certainly a workable definition but we…

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An Atheopagan Life, by Mark Green: “Observances Around the Year: November/December”

An Atheopagan Life is a monthly column about living an atheist, nature-honoring life. November and December certainly don’t lack for observances and holiday celebrations. In the temperate zone of the planet, pretty much every culture has had some way of…

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