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“The Meaning of Life?” by Thomas Schenk

Perhaps the ultimate end our existence is something of a sublime old joke, but if it is, I at least want to be attentive enough to catch the joke and share a grand old chuckle with the cosmos.

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“Marriage of Spirit and Soul” by Thomas Schenk

In the mythic language of alchemy, the spirit is characterized as male and associated with the sun and gold, while the soul is characterized as female and associated with the moon and silver. In this alchemical ideal of the marriage of spirit and soul, the spirit descends to the soul and the soul rises to the spirit.

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To what should I aspire? by Thomas Schenk

The theme for the rest of this month at HP is “Finding Meaning”.  The limits of artificial intelligence The success of artificial intelligence, though limited, suggests that intelligence is a rather mechanical operation.  To the extent that we humans have…

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Praying to the Goddess as good financial advice, by Thomas Schenk

  The rice planter’s mistake In China, there is a story told about a husband and wife who are rice farmers. They have just finished planting the crop.  The husband, though, is not content just waiting for the crop to…

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Matter thinking over mind, by Thomas Schenk

The mind is made of matter!  So I’ve been told, and I don’t disagree.  But I have to wonder what this really means. What is matter?  The keyboard I type at is made of matter; I see it with my…

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