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Monthly Archives: November 2013

What to look forward to in December at HP

This month we conclude our late autumn theme of “Death and Life”, and with the Winter Solstice on December 21, we start a our early winter theme: “Beginnings”. This Month at HP Dec 1  “Death and Life” by Genevieve Wood…

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The HPedia: Bias

Your help is needed!  Please critique this entry from the HPedia: An encyclopedia of key concepts in Naturalistic Paganism.  Please leave your constructive criticism in the comments below. Bias is a key concept not only in popular discourse but also…

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Postpagan Ceremony & Ecology, by Glen Gordon: “Death Song”

Today we hear from our first of several regular columnists, Glen Gordon. The Song of the Deer I’ve encountered a phenomenon which is difficult to describe. It is the gifting of song from the land and the other-than-humans I share it…

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Thoughts on death and afterlife, by NaturalPantheist

We see death as the return to nature of our elements, and the end of our existence as individuals. The forms of ‘afterlife’ available to humans are natural ones, in the natural world. Our actions, our ideas and memories of us live on, according to what we do in our lives. Our genes live on in our families, and our elements are endlessly recycled in nature.

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We did it!

Thank you to everyone who helped HP meet our fundraising goal!  And a special thank you to the following individuals: brennanmjmd Bart Everson B. T. Newberg David Dashifen Kees arielle.artist KeepersOfTheFlameTV deoniaeth Rebecca Hollingsworth Tess If you would like you…

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