What to look forward to in December at HP

Stonehenge at winter

This month we conclude our late autumn theme of “Death and Life”, and with the Winter Solstice on December 21, we start a our early winter theme: “Beginnings”.

This Month at HP

Dec 1  “Death and Life” by Genevieve Wood

Dec 4  Starstuff, Contemplating: “Evolutionary Parenting and the Holidays” by Jon Cleland Host

Dec 8  “What if?” by Meg Pauken

Dec 11  Musings of a Pagan Mythicist: “Gnothi Seauton” by Maggie Jay Lee

Dec 15  Mid-Month Meditation: “The Role of Death in the Circle of Life” by Molly

Dec 18  A Pedagogy of Gaia: “Solstice connections” by Bart Everson

Dec 21  “An Ending, A Beginning” by Meg Pauken

Dec 22  New HP theme: “Beginnings”

Dec 22  Interview with B. T. Newberg

Dec 25  “Yes, Virginia, I’m a Pagan Atheist” by Jeffrey Flagg

Dec 29  “How I became a Naturalist”, A conversation between DT Strain and B. T. Newberg

Dec 31  Cosmic Calendar Special

Humanistic Paganism Calendar for December

Dec 3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Dec 5 Cosmic Calendar: First multicellular life 1 bya

Dec 7 Apollo 17 crew photographs “The Blue Marble” photo

Dec 10 International Human Rights Day

Dec 14 Cosmic Calendar: Simple animals emerge 0.67 bya

Dec 14 Cosmic Calendar: Arthropods emerge 0.55 bya

Dec 18 Cosmic Calendar: Fish and proto-amphibians emerge 0.5 bya

Dec 20 Cosmic Calendar: Land plants emerge 0.45 bya

*Dec 21-22 Winter solstice (winter begins in U.S.) / Neo-Pagan winter quarter day (Yule)

Dec 21 Cosmic Calendar: Insects and seeds emerge 0.4 bya

Dec 22 Cosmic Calendar: Amphibians emerge 0.36 bya

Dec 23 Cosmic Calendar: Reptiles and dinosaurs emerge 0.3 bya

Dec 24 Apollo 8 crew photograph’s “Earthrise” photo

Dec 25 Newton’s birthday

Dec 26 Cosmic Calendar: Mammals emerge 0.2 bya

Dec 27 Cosmic Calendar: Birds emerge 0.15 bya

Dec 28 Cosmic Calendar: Flowers emerge 0.13 bya

Dec 30 Cosmic Calendar: Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event (non-avian dinosaurs die out) 65 mya

Dec 30 Cosmic Calendar: Primates emerge 65 mya

Dec 31 Cosmic Calendar: Hominids emerge 15 mya

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