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Only 1 day left and matching contributions!

If you’ve been hanging on, waiting to see if we needed your contribution, now is the time!  There is only 1 day left.  The campaign ends at midnight Pacific Time on Friday, November 22.  A donor has committed to matching…

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The HPedia: Agency

Your help is needed!  Please critique this entry from the HPedia: An encyclopedia of key concepts in Naturalistic Paganism.  Please leave your constructive criticism in the comments below. Agency is a characteristic distinguishing most naturalistic views of deity from other…

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Call for submissions: “Beginnings”

Our early winter theme is “Beginnings”. Each of us has a story about how we got to where we are now.  Stories are the way that we orient ourselves in the world and in history.  But we frequently look at…

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Just 5 days left to contribute to HP’s Indiegogo campaign

Yesterday, Courtney York posted this on the HP Facebook page: Hello! I’m very new to Paganism. I’m a naturalistic pagan and for all of my life, I thought that I was just not going to ever discover a religion to…

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Seasons and heartbeats, by Brock Haussamen

My heart pumps in, pumps out, pumps in, while the seasons pump the life of the planet, year in, year out. The globe’s temperature, moisture, and light pass by in a rotation that brings forth sprouting, blooming, fading, dormancy, sprouting—the cardiac coordination between the planet and its life.

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