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Monthly Archives: September 2011

What kind of community shall we be?

Thing on Thursday #1 Today we begin the conversation with a big idea: What kind of community is Humanistic Paganism? Are we a spiritual orientation, a kind of viewpoint shared by individuals of various religious traditions, aiming to keep naturalistic…

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Bicycle meditation, by Thomas Schenk

photo by Alex Robinson I love to wake early on a Sunday morning and go for a bike ride.  Unlike the many people who pass me as I plod along, I do not ride for exercise or any other discernible…

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Upcoming work

This Sunday Thomas Schenk strikes again!  This time he shares with us the magic in the mundane, the numen in the normal, with an insightful piece on the experience of cycling. Bicycle meditation, by Thomas Schenk Appearing September 25th on…

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The big news revealed

photo by Lanier67 Today’s the day that the big news is revealed. And there’s not one, not two, but three pieces of big news. But first, a little about this special day… The equinox Today is the Autumnal Equinox, one…

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The archetypes are gods: Re-godding the archetypes, by John Halstead

As Neopagan discourse moves increasingly in the direction of radical polytheism, those Humanistic or Naturalistic Neopagans who find this position rationally untenable may find themselves (more) marginalized in the Neopagan community. The pendulum which previously swung to the humanistic extreme by reducing the gods to symbols is now swinging to the other extreme of transcendental theism, denying that the gods are part of the human psyche. Jung’s theory of archetypes offers us an opportunity to create a golden mean between these two extremes, one which may simultaneously satisfy the humanist or naturalist who sees the gods as products of the human psyche, while also satisfying the mystical longing for contact with a numimous Other which is greater than any creation of our conscious mind.

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