Naturalistic Paganism


Year One: A Year of Humanistic Paganism – ebook

Here it is! – an anthology of all our published works to date, organized into one coherent presentation. Yet this is much more than just an anthology.  Exclusive new material lays out HP’s mission and vision, survey data brings the…

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Love and the Ghosts of Mount Kinabalu – ebook

“eloquent and absolutely unpretentious” “Newberg’s prose [stories] have a particular beauty all of their own” “should be required reading for anyone going to Southeast Asia seeking more than a beach vacation or three weeks of drunkenness” – Southeast Asia Travel…

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Encounters in Nature: A book review by Drew Jacob

In the interest of full disclosure, I should open this review by admitting some bias. I’m one of the three people featured in Encounters in Nature, and as such I have warm feelings about it. However, I do not receive any…

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The big news revealed

photo by Lanier67 Today’s the day that the big news is revealed. And there’s not one, not two, but three pieces of big news. But first, a little about this special day… The equinox Today is the Autumnal Equinox, one…

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Encounters in nature: Complete ebook

– by B. T. Newberg From the review: “…when I saw the finished product, I was blown away” “…will anger readers with a strict sense of faith, and provoke those with an interest in exploring outside their own own beliefs”…

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