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This Sunday

Thomas Schek

Thomas Schenk strikes again!  This time he shares with us the magic in the mundane, the numen in the normal, with an insightful piece on the experience of cycling.

Bicycle meditation, by Thomas Schenk

Appearing September 25th on Humanistic Paganism.

Thing on Thursday

Althing in Session, by W. G. Collingwood

This coming week inaugurates a new feature: Thing on Thursday, a council on matters vital to our future.

Each Thursday until the Winter Solstice will explore a controversy.  Any and all are invited to participate – the more the better.  Based on these conversations, the direction of Humanistic Paganism will be determined.

Don’t miss your chance to shape our future.  Make your voice heard!

What controversy will we debate in our opening council?  Find out on Thursday!

The conversation begins this Thursday, September 29th, on Humanistic Paganism.

Next Sunday

Heather WiechNew author Heather Wiech asserts that myth is a symbolic language, and to avoid dogma we must keep inquiry alive.Science vs. religion: Mythology is poetry, not prose, by Heather Wiech

Appearing October 2nd on Humanistic Paganism.

Recent Work

The archetypes are gods: Re-godding the archetypes, by John H. Halstead

Ten years after 9/11: World politics is an existential condition, by B. T. Newberg

Balance within nature: An interview with Rua Lupa

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