Naturalistic Paganism


Naturalistic magic?

There’s something interesting going on over at  Could this be a naturalistic form of magic? When the site started, I was extremely skeptical.  It’s the work of Drew Jacob, and it’s no secret that he’s a good friend of…

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Making stock, taking stock, by Bart Everson

We’ve had the habit for many years of constantly making stock. We are always saving any bits of vegetables left after slicing and dicing — carrot tops, onion skins — as well as the occasional bone. We save these in the fridge and, every few days, we boil them in water to make a stock. The stock grows richer, and darker, and more flavorful, with each iteration. Making stock is a metaphor for what I’m doing right now. As I continue my quest for discovery and definition, I’ve been storing up bits and pieces, ideas and aspects. I want to pause, take stock, simmer in my own juices for a moment, see where I’m at so far.

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Four critical questions for HP in the coming year

– by B. T. Newberg Welcome to the second year of Humanistic Paganism.  After starting up last spring, we published pieces from more than a dozen authors, pumped out three ebooks, and interviewed some big-name authors.  What’s more, last week…

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Naturalistic traditions for February

Introducing: Naturalistic Traditions, a new column at (by yours truly)! This column features seasonal celebrations, profiles of historical and contemporary movements, and ritual activities. It’s a big step to expand into a larger venue like Patheos.  It expands our…

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Terror and mystery: An excerpt from The Sacred Depths of Nature by Ursula Goodenough

Winterviews concludes today.  From the Solstice (Dec. 21st) till the next Cross-quarter (Feb. 4th), we’ve brought you non-stop interviews and other goodies from big-name authors.  Missed some?  Catch up on your reading with the links below. Dr. Glenys Livingstone, author…

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