Naturalistic Paganism


February Cross-quarter

Today is a Cross-quarter.  That is, it is the midpoint between the previous solstice and the upcoming equinox.  As such, it is one of eight stations in our planet’s annual journey around the sun. For those in the Northern Hemisphere,…

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Why I love ritual, by AtheistWitch

Beyond showing a reverential attitude towards nature, I think of ritual as a type of jazzed-up positive thinking or artistic, useful, self-suggestion. The reverential attitude is present even in my rituals which are not nominally focused on a natural event….

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The new Copernican shift: How science is revolutionizing spirituality

– by B. T. Newberg We are experiencing a new Copernican shift that is revolutionizing our spirituality.  It is undermining our sense of humanity as something privileged in the universe, the sole possessor of “soul”, standing above the beasts and…

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Understanding word use and how science relates to myth and religion, by Rua Lupa

This week we have a new “challenge” piece.  Rua Lupa engages the issue of appropriate terminology. As always with challenge posts, this is an opportunity to listen, question oneself, and develop thoughtful responses. Remember, this is offered in the spirit…

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Nature shock

– by B. T. Newberg When you move to a different ecoregion, do you experience nature shock?  If not, why not? Most people are familiar with culture shock – the cycle of highs and lows experienced in the process of…

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