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Seton Sitting: Something special may happen, by Thomas Schenk

Many years ago, I spent a year teaching outdoor education to grade school children.  The students would be bussed out from the city for their once-a-year instruction about wild nature.  In addition to providing the scientifically-oriented subjects that were the…

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Encounters with the Goddess? by Thomas Schenk

image by Steven Kenny, used with permission When Thomas shared this story in the comments section of Halstead’s article Re-godding the archetypes, it was intended to portray one man’s experience of an archetype in action.  Yet it was also larger…

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Bicycle meditation, by Thomas Schenk

photo by Alex Robinson I love to wake early on a Sunday morning and go for a bike ride.  Unlike the many people who pass me as I plod along, I do not ride for exercise or any other discernible…

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The mystery of being, by Thomas Schenk

photo by B. T. Newberg This week we dive into the matter of spirit and the spirit of matter in this reflection by Thomas Schenk. In his book, “The Mystery of Being,” Gabriel Marcel writes: “For in speculation and reflection…

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