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What does responsible action mean to you?

Thing on Thursday #5 Recently, a commenter posted: “I would like to see responsible action more defined, but could see that as something that would be refined over time by further posts from the community.” So let’s take that issue…

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How does mythology function in your life?

Thing on Thursday #4 At the top of our values poll results was relationship with mythology.  This week, let’s dig into that idea. We are not talking about simple falsehoods here, such as the “myth” that money brings happiness.  We’re…

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What does naturalism mean to you?

Thing on Thursday #3 Akk!  Sheesh.  This Thing on Thursday has become a Thing on Friday.  Sorry for the delay.  Work obligations got the better of me.  But better late than never.  Join us for this week’s belated council. One…

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What are your top three most-valued elements of Humanistic Paganism?

Thing on Thursday #2 Evolution happens.  This site began with a statement of principles called the Fourfold Path, but Humanistic Paganism has evolved quite a bit since then.  Now it’s high time to revisit the basics. The goal here is…

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What kind of community shall we be?

Thing on Thursday #1 Today we begin the conversation with a big idea: What kind of community is Humanistic Paganism? Are we a spiritual orientation, a kind of viewpoint shared by individuals of various religious traditions, aiming to keep naturalistic…

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