Naturalistic Paganism


How does mythology function in your life?

Thing on Thursday #4 At the top of our values poll results was relationship with mythology.  This week, let’s dig into that idea. We are not talking about simple falsehoods here, such as the “myth” that money brings happiness.  We’re…

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Science vs. religion: Mythology is poetry, not prose, by Heather Wiech

image enhanced from Education by Louis Comfort Tiffany How do you keep myth from becoming dogma?  Heather Wiech suggests it takes both science and religion.  –  B. T. Newberg Joseph Campbell said that religion is supposed to give meaning to…

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No rapture: Resonance, not transcendence

photo by B. T. Newberg, May 20, 2011 – by B. T. Newberg This post celebrates Non-judgment Day, the day which is not the May 21st Judgment Day predicted by Harold Camping and followers, but rather a day for celebrating…

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Retreat, day four: Psychology and mythology

Photo by B. T. Newberg, May 10, 2011 – by B. T. Newberg The sky roiled red last night.  Neighbors in my apartment watched in horror as hail rained down on their cars.  Afterward, my fiance discovered the door to…

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