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What are your moral receptors?

2012 Thing on Thursday #2 This week’s poll draws on the work of social scientist Jonathan Haidt and his moral foundations theory.  If interested, you can take the official questionnaire (the academic real deal, not just some Internet meme) to…

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What transcends you?

2012 Thing on Thursday #1 Humans seem to have a need to be part of something greater than themselves.  As a naturalist, what transcends you? I don’t mean transcendence in the sense of something supernatural, nor something merely greater in…

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Year One: A Year of Humanistic Paganism – ebook

Here it is! – an anthology of all our published works to date, organized into one coherent presentation. Yet this is much more than just an anthology.  Exclusive new material lays out HP’s mission and vision, survey data brings the…

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What’s been most valuable on HP?

Thing on Thursday #12 Well, this is the final Thing on Thursday, which means that just around the corner is the Solstice (Dec. 21st), and with it the beginning of our Winterviews event! With this last poll, I’d like to…

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What does ritual mean to you?

Thing on Thursday #11 Developing meditations and rituals was voted as a potential project for us, now let’s get more detail on what that means.  Last week we asked about meditation, so this week let’s talk about ritual. The choices…

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