Naturalistic Paganism

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“Living The Path: Sacred Acts Everyone Can Perform” by Carolina Gonzalez

This essay was originally published in Carolina’s newsletter and then at as a guest post at One of the questions I get asked more often from our customers is “I want to have a Spiritual Path – how do I start?” –…

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“Observing: The shape of the ritual” by Áine Órga

This article was first published at The Spinning of the Wheel. One question that is often raised by those who are coming to Paganism for the first time – whether naturalistic or not – is that of ritual content and…

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What do Druid Naturalists do? by White Horse

The following is an article excavated from the Druidic Order of Naturalists, which is unfortunately now defunct (though its website is still accessible).  While the Order may no longer operate, its legacy remains instructive for naturalists of all stripes. This…

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Making stock, taking stock, by Bart Everson

We’ve had the habit for many years of constantly making stock. We are always saving any bits of vegetables left after slicing and dicing — carrot tops, onion skins — as well as the occasional bone. We save these in the fridge and, every few days, we boil them in water to make a stock. The stock grows richer, and darker, and more flavorful, with each iteration. Making stock is a metaphor for what I’m doing right now. As I continue my quest for discovery and definition, I’ve been storing up bits and pieces, ideas and aspects. I want to pause, take stock, simmer in my own juices for a moment, see where I’m at so far.

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