Naturalistic Paganism

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“Letting Go of the Side of the Pool” by DT Strain

In earlier articles I’ve discussed what spiritual transformation could mean in a naturalistic context. Many times the real essence of these profound experiences can be difficult to communicate. They involve glimpses of such things as: unconditional compassion, greater humility, extreme…

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Mid-Month Meditation for June

We bring our late spring theme, “Practice”, to a close with this thought by Mary Jo Weaver: “First the appearance, then the dance, then the story.” Pagans often claim that they have no orthodoxy (right belief), only orthopraxy (right practice), by…

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Postpagan Ceremony & Ecology, by Glen Gordon: “Walking with Whitman”

The following is a small sermon given as part of a larger worship service with three others at the Unitarian Universalist Church of The Palouse in Moscow, Idaho on Sunday, January 27th, 2013. One of the first poets I fell…

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“Charity: A naturalistic practice of offering” by B. T. Newberg

In the ancient world, gods and goddesses were honored with gifts. How can a naturalist carry on this tradition today? One way it can be done is through giving to charities. For example, if you want to honor Demeter, goddess…

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“Living The Path: Sacred Acts Everyone Can Perform” by Carolina Gonzalez

This essay was originally published in Carolina’s newsletter and then at as a guest post at One of the questions I get asked more often from our customers is “I want to have a Spiritual Path – how do I start?” –…

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