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“How Earth-Centered is Neo-Paganism Really?” by John Halstead

Does nature merely serve as a backdrop to our rituals which are inwardly focused? Are we, in the words of Posch, “standing with our backs to the world” — both literally and figuratively? Do we worship gods of nature or the God(dess) that is nature? Is our “magic” an expression of wonder, or just another attempt to achieve mastery over the natural world? Is our religion eco-centered or ego-centered? To what extent do our religious values translate into ecologically responsible practices, individually and collectively?

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“Gaia’s Heartbeat: practicing empathy for the Mother of us all” by Brandon Sanders

This essay was first published at the SolSeed blog. According to James Lovelock’s popular Gaia hypothesis, all life on Earth, in combination with the geochemical cycles it interacts with, can be treated as a single living organism called Gaia. Humanity…

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“Entering the Isle of Birds” by Anna Walther

During the past year I’ve been learning to identify the bird calls I hear in my backyard. Some are obvious and easy to learn; I’ve recognized the strident screeches of blue jays and grackles for at least as long as…

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A Pedagogy of Gaia, by Bart Everson: “Flowers to Flame”

What can we learn, and how can we teach, from the cycles of the Earth — both the cycles within us, and the cycles in which we find ourselves? This essay was first published at Celebration of Gaia. For Glenys…

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Postpagan Ceremony & Ecology, by Glen Gordon: “Walking with Whitman”

The following is a small sermon given as part of a larger worship service with three others at the Unitarian Universalist Church of The Palouse in Moscow, Idaho on Sunday, January 27th, 2013. One of the first poets I fell…

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