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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] “Communities of mind are necessary but not sufficient” by Bart Everson

The growth of contemporary Paganism has been fueled by communities of mind, via books and websites, to the point that most American practitioners are solitary. This is unfortunate but perhaps inevitable. As a small religious movement, many will find themselves unable to connect with others on a regular basis for the simple practical reason that we lack numbers. Even so, we are all a part of larger communities, and we have much to offer.

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The Idea Behind PostPaganry, Part 1: Introduction, by Glen Gordon

Postpaganry is the moment when you are the most alive and aware of the world around you. Postpaganry is when that moment sweeps you away in to spontaneous ceremony and celebration of life within and all around you. Postpaganry is the place where you feel the most at home, where you connect to the natural living-world in deep and intimate ways. A Postpagan is someone who looks for the sacred everywhere they go. A Postpagan takes breath as sacrament. A Postpagan can be anybody at any time.

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Mid-Month Meditation: “Beloved Community”

We encourage our readers to use these Mid-Month Meditations as an opportunity to take a short break from everything else. Rather than treating these posts the way you would any other post, set aside 10 minutes someplace quiet and semi-private…

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