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Happy Winter Thermstice/Imbolc!

Hidden life beneath the snow and ice can take many forms and is preparing to burst forth!  What do you hold, which could empower your life?  Is it nearly time to bring it forward?    Read More

No-Nonsense Paganism: Finding the fire again

At this time of the year, it’s common for Pagans to honor the element of fire. So, I thought it would be fitting now to tell a story about fire.

There’s a famous Hasidic story, which I first heard related by the author Elie Wiesel:

When Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Hasidism, saw that the Jewish people were threatened by tragedy, he would go to a particular place in the forest where he lit a fire, recited a particular prayer, and asked for a miracle to save the Jews from the threat. Because of the Holy Fire and faithfulness of the prayer, the miracle was accomplished, averting the tragedy.

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No-Nonsense Paganism: One pagan’s calendar

I’m frustrated. I just experienced another public Imbolc celebration which included an explanation of how, in Britain in the time of the Celts, February was springtime. Meanwhile, I’m looking at a forecast for the next two weeks and the temperature will be hovering just above freezing. This is typical for this time of the year where I live (at the bottom tip of Lake Michigan where Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan meet).

Why are we talking about spring in the literal middle of winter? Why are we talking about Celts and Romans did hundreds of years ago? And why are we ritually honoring the bodies of water like the Ganges and the Nile, when there’s a lake within walking distance and one of the Great Lakes not far off?

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Atheopagan Web Weaving Pagan Conference June 3 & 4 call for presentations!

Atheopagan Web Weaving 2023 will take place June 3-4 of this year: an opportunity for our community to gather online, see one another’s faces, interact and socialize, and see great presentations by our members…and we need your presentation to really make the schedule hum!

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The Winter Thermstice (Imbolc) Approaches! + Online Rituals!

For those of us in more Northern climes, the Winter Thermstice, or Imbolc, means ice and snow.  Last year we looked at snowflakes, seeing on an atomic level why they make such beautiful crystals.

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