Naturalistic Paganism

AtheopaganCon: An Aspiration, by Mark Green

For some time now, folks online and in the Zoom chats have referred now and again to “APCon”, an imagined in-person gathering where we can meet, discuss our path, socialize, and share community. Real hugs (with consent, of course)!

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Mars Landing Success! [Starstuff, Contemplating]

We again survived the dreaded 7 minutes of terror!  Our rover Perseverance is successfully on Mars!
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Guided Meditations, Magical Cooking, Celebrations, and more! Recent Episodes of THE WONDER podcast, by Mark Green

Guided Meditations, Magical Cooking, Celebrations, and much more can also be found in recent episodes.  They are on the page here.

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Nature as Therapy, by Katerina and William (Science Editorial Team)

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the increased interest in all outdoor activities has been widely reported.  Both the reduction of other safe social options, and the increased time spent working from home, have resulted in an unprecedented number of us taking to our parks, woods and other outdoor spaces.  Of course, any time spent outside is always beneficial, but never before has connecting with nature been as important as during this pandemic.
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Happy Winter Thermstice/Imbolc!

Hidden life beneath the snow and ice can take many forms.  This year, our active lives themselves are ready to burst forth when the vaccine allows a new normal to arrive.  For now, it’s still safest for everyone to hibernate at home.  We saw another example last week, with the methanogen bacteria under frozen lakes, hiding methane under the ice, ready to burst forth in flame.    Read More

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