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Holiday Gift Ideas for Naturalistic Pagans, 2020

Like so many of us, our family is planning the gifts for Winter Solstice/the holidays.  Those of us who celebrate the Winter Solstice have an even shorter time than most Americans for holiday planning and waiting for deliver, so with still some weeks before the Winter Solstice, here are some gift ideas to give or ask for!  Of the items here, many will help your spiritual practice, enriching your daily life.  Books and other indoor items are especially useful during this pandemic, as 2020 winds down.    Read More

Handy Rituals, Rites of Passage, and more! Recent Episodes of THE WONDER podcast, by Mark Green

With both Samhain and the election, I’ve neglected to mention some really cool episodes of THE WONDER podcast!  As the days grow short (and with the pandemic ramping up again) we may have more quiet time inside – these podcasts are here for us just when we need them.  Rites of passage are such essential parts of our lives – a time when our Naturalistic Paganism helps guide our life.  Other ritual ideas, and much more can also be found in recent episodes.  They are on the page here.

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On “coming out” to my Catholic Community, by Bart Everson [A Pedagogy of Gaia]

Mornings of Prayer

When I saw the announcement about a Morning of Prayer for staff at the university where I work, with “persons of all faith traditions… encouraged to attend,” I was curious but also skeptical but also hopeful.

I’d heard of interfaith dialog but I wasn’t sure I believed in it. It’s not how I was raised. How would such a thing even be possible?

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What’s that Flopping Noise? Ancestors? Yes! Wishing you a Happy Samhain! by Starstuff, Contemplating

Happy Samhain!  As the darkness falls this Samhain night, our billions of Ancestors visit us.  Who are they?  What can they offer you for your struggles today?  They can help you anytime during the year – not just now – if you ask.

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Ways to Empower your Samhain Amid the Pandemic

Oh no!  Covid-19 has put group rituals on hold, and what about the kids?  There are plenty of good options to have a very sacred Samhain (and celebrate the rare Samhain Blue Moon!), while keeping yourself – and others- safe.  Here are some of them, for both Rituals and Trick-or-Treating.

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