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Pagan Event! Check out our Naturalistic Pagan Panel at Free Spirit Gathering Online, June 18-20, 2021! + Pagan Spirit Gathering June 25-27

This coming Saturday, just in time for Solstice, we are fortunate enough to have a Naturalistic Pagan panel at the Free Spirit Gathering!  It’s one of the oldest Pagan events in the United States!  It shows how far we have come, from being attacked in 2014 (and, of course at other times), towards being fully accepted in the Pagan community.  Register now!

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A Solar Eclipse Thursday Morning (though many of us can’t see it)! But anyone can hold a ritual for it! [Stardust, Contemplating]

As you read this, the enormous mass of the Moon is hurtling towards the path of sunlight in line with the Earth.  In the early morning tomorrow, the Moon will block that pathway, giving us a solar eclipse!  However, the Moon is a little farther away in it’s orbit, so it won’t be close enough to fully block the Sun, anywhere on Earth.  This gives us an “annular” eclipse, and not the stunning darkness of a total eclipse (as the Great Eclipse of 2017 was).  Without a total eclipse, it’s easy to not notice it, even if  you are in the eclipse path (this will be nothing like the stunning experience of a total eclipse).  Also, few of us are in the eclipse path.  So for many us, we have an opportunity to celebrate the eclipse (and watch it on simulcast!).  Some of us (including me!) are able to see it in the sky. Read More

The Summer Solstice is just two weeks away, Plus 7 online Celebrations!

With blinking eyes and cautious steps, somewhat like the Brood X cicadas swarming parts of the Eastern United States now, we are re-emerging as the pandemic winds down.  What stays?  What changes?

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Native American Boarding School Online Remembrance Ceremony, June 4th, 10 AM – 12 – Update: + another event June 3

The systematic, cultural genocide of Native American culture is not only not often taught in school as the significant part of our history which it is, and our adult lives are also bereft of reminders of this critically important chapter in North American history.  As Pagans, knowing and connecting to the land we are on is a major part of our spirituality, and that means knowing how and from whom it was stolen – even when the society around us hides this reality.  We can each be a small part of changing that!  I’ve attended the nearest Native American Boarding school commemorative ceremony every year for many years, and now, the pandemic brings us all an opportunity to attend it virtually!

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The Two Kabbalahs, A Discussion with Daniel Lev Shkolnik

Which Kabbalah you know? Jewish Kabbalah is the mystical branch of Judaism, hermetic Kabbalah is the occult tradition that was inspired by Judaism and is often found today in tarot and Western esoteric systems. Here’s a secular-psychological dive into the symbols and psychological structure of these intricate and vibrant form of esotericism. Read More

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