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THE NEW AMERICAN RELIGIONS OF NATURE: Part 1 – DOING ECO-THEOLOGY IN THE ANTHROPOCENE,  by Wayne Martin Mellinger, Ph.D. [The Dionysian Naturalist]


Nature Religions, by which I mean those religions which hold nature as sacred, are thriving across the North American continent, growing at such a rate that there are now more Pagans in the US than Presbyterians. These Nature Religions come in many diverse forms, including multiple forms of Paganism, Druidry, Native American religions, shamanism, Deep Ecology, versions of radical environmentalism, Taoism, some forms of Religious Naturalism and some “New Age” spiritualities.

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from the CCL Earth-based Spirituality Action Team: Your chance to help get a Carbon Price in the Budget!

Here is an opportunity to put our Naturalistic Pagan spirituality into action to help slow climate change! If we are going to slow climate change, we’ll need a number of actions, which together are more powerful than any alone.  Putting a price on carbon has been shown to have a real impact, and could have enough support to be implemented in the real world.  Take a second today to tell President Biden to include it in his budget!

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The Fall Equinox Approaches!

Wow, where did that summer go?  Even with the ongoing pandemic, I hope your summer was good. We are now approaching Mabon, the Fall Equinox already!  Here are some online ritual opportunities, followed by a some political thoughts, and below that, Fall Equinox celebration ideas.

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My Time at A Witch Con 2021, by Jet Blackheart

(Note: this is reblogged here at Naturalistic Paganism, the original is here at CraftClinicianCreative)


This is my first blog post on this new online Space that I am patiently creating. It was an idea I had been incubating for some time now but finally felt courageous enough to release into the wild and wonderful Internets recently. It’s been a journey just completing (most of) the steps to get to this place, this page, and even now, if I’m being honest, my fingertips are quivering.

Nerves aside, I thought what better time to launch the inaugural post of my online Space than alongside the inaugural conference of A Witch Con (2021)? The timing is also auspicious as today is the waxing moon, a time for new beginnings, initiations, innovation, and taking First Steps as I conceptualize it. Magical, indeed.

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The Atheopagan Principles, Reopening, The Solstice, Herbs, and more! Recent Episodes of THE WONDER podcast, by Mark Green

The remaining four Atheopagan principles are discussed, along with the Sabbat of Lughnasadh, (also referred to as “Dimming”).  Both relationships and our view of human bodies can be very different in Pagan communities than in wider society.  And how can we make sacred space?  Is it important?  All that, and more, are in the recent THE WONDER podcasts!   They are on the page here.

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