The Fall Equinox Approaches!

Wow, where did that summer go?  Even with the ongoing pandemic, I hope your summer was good. We are now approaching Mabon, the Fall Equinox already!  Here are some online ritual opportunities, followed by a some political thoughts, and below that, Fall Equinox celebration ideas.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Fall Equinox is celebrated in ~ three weeks (it is September 22nd this year) as Mabon, also called Harvest Home.  (Those in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate the Spring Equinox, Ostara, at this time.)

Some Political Thoughts

Sometimes, like summer, months or years can go by quickly, and we are left wondering where the time went.  That’s one of many reasons why I like the seasons, and especially like the connection and greater awareness of them which I get from our celebration of the Wheel of the Year.

For example, last Mabon, we were in the middle of the presidential campaign, and I was making phone calls for the Biden campaign.  While those on the far right (heck, even a lot of those who are center-right) are clearly the biggest threat to our democracy, I think that very few on the far right are reading this blog.  Hence, I’m able to speak to more of those on the far left, because they make up more of both my circle of friends and readers of this blog than those on the right.  Though most of the “government overthrow” talk I hear is from the right, some of it is from the far left, and I think that hurts nearly all of our concerns for a better world.  Yes, of course the seditious propaganda from the right is both more common and worse.  Yes, of course I too would like progressive improvements to go faster.  Yes, of course I’m frustrated at where we are compared to where we want to be as a society – but most anti government suggested actions from the left, such as not voting, or suggesting we get rid of the US government, or similar actions have the real world effect of making a far right takeover more likely – and that of course would make our current United States look like Bernie Sanders’ most progressive dreams by comparison.  After all, being reality-based includes facing the fact that there are dozens of millions of far-right Americans, and they vote.

That’s why I wrote this in the “Fall Equinox Approaches” post last year:

 While every  year we celebrate and are thankful for the many good things around us, this year the presidential election reminds us to be thankful of all of the good checks and balances in our government, which have prevented us (so far) from becoming an absolute dictatorship.  It’s especially important to recognize these (and the many other good aspects of our imperfect system), because they are extremely valuable and also easily lost.

Wow – “they are extremely valuable and also easily lost”. When I wrote that a year ago, I really didn’t consider losing them within months to be very likely.  But on January 6th we saw how fragile they really are, and how close we have already come to losing them.  Without a lot of work, that terrorist attack aimed at literally overthrowing American democracy could well be just a dress rehearsal for events in the next few years.  After all, Biden’s margin in the 2020 tipping point state was only 0.6% – making the 2020 presidential election extremely close.  This is why our actions today are so important.

 Fall Equinox Celebrations

First, here are some online opportunities for those of us without a local Pagan group (whether a member or a visitor).  While only two are on here now, I’ll check again in a week and update the post (there are several that seem to be pending).

Date Time Group Link
18-Sep 5 pm CMT? Druids of the Light
20-Sep 7 pm CST (6 pm EST) Circle Sanctuary

Growing Darkness……

Mike Nichols writes of the day: “Mythically, this is the day of the year when the God of Light is defeated by his twin and alter ego, the God of Darkness. It is the time of the year when night conquers day.” The metaphor for the natural solar cycle is perfectly clear, and easily appreciable by naturalists – as is the promise included within the metaphor that the darkness is temporary, and the light will return.  Likewise with the agricultural myth of John Barleycorn, personification of the ripened grain:

“Often this corn spirit was believed to reside most especially in the last sheaf or shock harvested, which was dressed in fine clothes, or woven into a wicker-like man-shaped form. This effigy was then cut and carried from the field, and usually burned, amidst much rejoicing.”

Bart Everson observes that the autumnal equinox gets short-shrift in our culture because of our aversion to death:

“Perhaps that’s why this equinox seems like such a blindspot in the American imagination. Themes of loss and darkness don’t fit well with the national narrative.

“Yet there is much to celebrate, if we aspire to a full and comprehensive vision of what it means to be human on this planet. The metaphors of the equinox can work for us, if are open to the possibility. …

“This might be a time for drawing in, for gathering together. The equinox can be a time for reflection, for making changes and starting projects, for setting priorities and recognizing intentions. … For truly darkness and loss, though they present challenges, are not to be feared if we can only gain adequate perspective.

Bart has also put together a great playlist of Mabon/Equinox-themed music.


Glenys Livingstone of PaGaian Cosmology, celebrates this as a time of abundance and thanksgiving, but also of loss.  She associates it with the myth of Persephone’s descent into the underworld, ritually enacting a moment of “letting go”. “Demeter” goes to each participant:

”(name), I give you the wheat – the Mystery – the knowledge of life and death. I let you go as Daughter (Child/Mabon), most loved of Mine … you descend to Wisdom, to Sovereignty. You will return as Mother, co-Creator with me. You are the Seed in the Fruit, becoming the Fruit in the Seed. Inner Wisdom guides your path.”

Response: “It is so. I am Daughter (Child/Mabon), becoming Mother – Seed becoming Fruit. I am deepening into/descend to, Wisdom, into Sovereignty. The Mother knowledge grows within me.”

[PaGaian Mabon 2009]

NaturalPantheist of the Nature is Sacred blog recites the following from ADF Solitary Druid Fellowship ritual on this day:

“As I stand here on this celebration of Harvest Home, the Autumnal Equinox, the sacred wheel of the year continues to turn. As my ancestors did in times before and my descendants may do in times to come, I honour the old ways. Today is the day of balance, of equal light and dark. The sun has begun to wane while the nights grow steadily longer and the weather becomes cooler. We head towards winter. It is the time of the second harvest, the harvest of fruits, of apples, nuts and grapes. Change is all around. The leaves are turning beautiful colours, the birds are preparing for migration and the squirrels are gathering their foods for winter. I give thanks for the abundant gifts of the Earth Mother.”gourds


Áine Órga describes the equinox as the beginning of a period of psychological release:

“As the Autumn Equinox marks the second harvest festival on the wheel of the year, like Lughnasadh it represents a time of retrospection, appraisal, and gratitude. But although Lughnasadh was primarily about gratitude for me this year – a time of abundance and joy – the Autumn Equinox very definitely marks the turning point into the dark part of the year, and as such it also signals a time of release and introspection.

“At Samhain, I will fully submit to the dark of winter, fully releasing everything that needs to be released this year as I turn twenty-five. The Autumn Equinox, for me, begins the work of this descent into the dark. I start to assess and let go of what is no longer working.”

Jon Cleland Host of the Naturalistic Paganism yahoo group describes how his family observes Mabon:

“Fall harvest décor is appropriate, with dried cornstalks, squash, gourds, Indian corn, etc.  The social aspect of our lives is highlighted by this harvest theme – a time when friends and family get together for the harvest.  …

“Dinner will of course have a harvest theme, including squash, homemade bread, cranberry sauce, etc.  …  One part of the ritual is often the pouring of a little wine at the base of the trees in our yard as thanks for the summer shade and the coming fall colors.  We also have a harvest party – this year will be our 18th annual Equinox party.”

Another great activity, courtesy of Jonathan Blake of the Naturalistic Paganism yahoo list, is measuring your latitude on the equinox using only the sun, a stick, and some basic calculations.


Image credit: Wikimedia Commons user Tauʻolunga.

John Halstead and his family re-enact the passion of the Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris.  They gather grains of corn together, as Isis gathered the parts of her dismembered husband, and then bury an ear of corn wrapped in a black cloth, an effigy of the dying and rising god of the harvest.  John explains:

“In rituals like the one we will do today, we identify with the sacrificed God.  In doing so, we honor the circle of life.  Waxing and waning, birth and death, growth and decline: all take place in nature, in the human life cycle, and in the human soul.  Each stage is to be welcomed in its proper time and season, because life is a process of constant change.  When we identify with the god, we choose to surrender to the Cycle, to ride the Wheel that is the Goddess.”

This is an  updated version of the yearly Fall Equinox post.  Feel free to share  your own naturalistic celebrations below.

4 Comments on “The Fall Equinox Approaches!

  1. It’s beyond disappointing to come to this site looking for information to help guide me in my interests & to instead be drowned out by misguided political interests.

    I ask, with a true racist in the white house who has a history of promoting segregation (even Harris called him out on it during their debates), who has also now deserted not only American allies & citizens, but also innocent women, children & men, while leaving massive amounts weapons & resources that have already further strengthened the terrorists in Afghanistan; what exactly is there to celebrate?

    Do you celebrate the fact that, the 13th amendment did not do away with slavery; rather it shifted the ability to keep slaves, onto the government, who has abused that ‘right’ they bestowed upon themselves via the prison system, ever since; while Biden, by making ‘June 19’ a national holiday, has now given the modern day slave holders – Federal Prison employees- Judges & Prosecutors who continue to enact racist as well as inhumane policies- a free day off via the tax payers money? So now we all, including every ethnicity who pays taxes, are paying the modern day slave system to treat their employees to a free day off, on us.

    This is progress? This is cause to celebrate?

    Maybe spend this equinox thinking about how real change can happen. It’s not by endorsing some political puppet.

    The amount of disappointment I have with you trying to pollute something as pure as Mother Earths transition & celebration there of, by publicizing the very essence of evil that is the living corruption we all must fight against; can’t be stated enough.

  2. Our Naturalistic Paganism, on this blog, has a long tradition of political involvement. After all, if we claim to care about this world, then we need to put our money where our mouth is and work to make things better, and that means political involvement.

    Plus, as you mentioned that a concern of yours is incarceration reform, we see that even being in power for 4 years, and having full control of the house and senate for two of those, Trump has maintained incarceration rates at about the same level as he found them.

    Biden, on the other hand, has explicitly pledged to reduce incarceration.

    I’m sorry that you find that being involved in making this real world better to be “pollution”, but one thing that I’ve found wonderful about Paganism is a focus on making this world a better place.

  3. I too was disappointed to see political dribble on what should be an informative and peaceful blog. I’m sorry I was linked to this site and it’s extreme negativity, I was initially excited I found this.

    Wisdom never blindly takes a side and foolishly follows whatever creed and propaganda is given to them. This author should work to enlighten themselves past petty politics that only serve to create division and distraction, poisoning the well.

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