from the CCL Earth-based Spirituality Action Team: Your chance to help get a Carbon Price in the Budget!

Here is an opportunity to put our Naturalistic Pagan spirituality into action to help slow climate change! If we are going to slow climate change, we’ll need a number of actions, which together are more powerful than any alone.  Putting a price on carbon has been shown to have a real impact, and could have enough support to be implemented in the real world.  Take a second today to tell President Biden to include it in his budget!

Another reason why this is important is because nearly all climate legislation can be blocked by a Republican filibuster – and there are enough Republican Senators who are opposed to nearly any climate legislation to make that happen.  However, as part of the budget, this is one of the only measures which can’t be blocked by a Republican filibuster.  To act now, just click here.  The main CCL page for this action opportunity is here.
The Earth Based Spirituality Action Team (a chapter of the Climate Change Lobby – CCL) was announced here on the Naturalistic Paganism blog in 2019.   The CCL may be one of the biggest parts of the multi-pronged effort needed if we are going to significantly slow climate change. Here is a quick overview for those of us not already involved.
Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a grassroots nonprofit started here in the United States about ten years ago, which has grown into a into a global organization. Everyone — well, almost everyone — acknowledges we have a huge problem with how we humans pump so much carbon into the atmosphere, in industrialized societies. Everyone knows we need to limit these emissions, but how? One solution that has emerged as the most credible is called “carbon fee and dividend.” The idea is you put a price on carbon pollution, collect a fee from the polluters, and then pay that back to the citizens. That puts economic pressure to change the footing of our economy, and helps the common person cope with the changes. It may only be one piece of the puzzle, but it’s a pretty big piece. That’s the solution that Citizens’ Climate Lobby advocates.

Our President wants to go big on climate.

On Earth Day, President Biden announced a big goal: cut America’s carbon pollution 50% by 2030. Now, he’s working with Congress to meet that goal.

To make it happen, use the tool to let the President and our Democratic Senators know we want them to include a price on carbon in the budget reconciliation. A price on carbon will show tangible results within the first nine months. It’s a critical piece of any climate policy package.

What should my email say?

You’re asking the White House and Congress to put a price on carbon in this year’s budget reconciliation. They’ll know what you mean!

Our tool allows you to email both the President and your Democratic Senators in just a few clicks. Use our suggested text or personalize it with your own thoughts.

Check out our FAQ for more information about a price on carbon and the budget reconciliation process.

How does carbon pricing work?

Need a little more information on carbon pricing? The video can help.

Basically, fossil fuel companies are taxed based on how much carbon they produce. To avoid paying the fee, these companies will work to switch to renewable, clean energy, reducing carbon pollution. Ideally, the Senate will also include provisions that the money collected will go back into American’s pockets as a monthly dividend or “carbon cashback” that can be spent without restriction.

Get the details on the benefits of carbon pricing here. 

Who supports a price on carbon?

Economists, scientists, businesses, members of Congress, and state and local officials all support a price on carbon as an effective way to reduce emissions. And, most importantly, everyday Americans across the country support a carbon price as a way to stabilize the climate and protect our future.

Learn more about carbon pricing bills in Congress.

What else can I do?

You can get others to act! Share this page with any climate-concerned friends, family and coworkers. THIS IS OUR FIRST CHANCE FOR MEANINGFUL CLIMATE ACTION THAT CAN’T BE BLOCKED BY THE FILIBUSTER. They’ll want to take their shot to solve climate change, too.
 By Jon Cleland Host, a member of the EBSAT, working with Bart Everson.

About the Author: Bart Everson

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