A Powerful Video from Greta Thunberg, Fighting for our future

Few people have conveyed the climate crisis as clearly and effectively and Greta Thunberg.  Her excellent video here (with George Monbiot) not only helps millions see the urgency, but also helps

prioritize what we can do.  Yes, individual ways to reduce our carbon footprint are good, but the most important actions are going to be taken at governmental levels, so your vote is critical.  Like so many other things that help build a better future world, anything you do is better than doing nothing, and even simply sharing this video helps.

Much of Greta’s work is online, such as her incredible UN speech.  While the technical challenges of combating climate change are indeed daunting, those of us involved in this effort have long recognized that the even bigger challenge is cultural.  The cultural challenge of helping us all see the reality of the danger, and even, on a more basic level, to care about our grandchildren more than driving a big SUV, is not easy.  A central part of this is aligning our worldviews to reality.  Many of us are doing a lot of good in many related areas.  This video is both a reminder that we are not alone, as well as a tool to help reach people.


Blessed be –            Jon Cleland Host



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