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Monthly Archives: June 2014

What to look forward to in July at HP

This month, we continue our early summer theme: “Intellect”. Beginning with the summer solstice in June, we began discussing what role intellect plays in our coming to Naturalistic Paganism, what role it continues to play, how we make intellect serve wonder,…

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“Four strategies for naturalizing religion” by David Chapman

David Chapman discusses four strategies by which religion can be naturalized. He uses Buddhism as an example, but his discussion applies well to any religion. As you read, think about which strategies, or combination of strategies, Humanistic and Naturalistic Pagans…

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The Wheel of Evolution, by Eric Steinhart: Litha

Today, we introduce a new column, The Wheel of Evolution by Eric Steinhart. Dr. Steinhart draws on his philosophical background to create a naturalistic foundation for the Pagan Wheel of the Year. At Litha, the power of the sun reaches…

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Summer Solstice

Today is this summer solstice. Bart Everson of A Celebration of Gaia observes how those in the United States have forgotten the meaning of the summer solstice: “Sadly, most Americans are ignorant of this seasonal moment. We seem marginally more…

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A Pedagogy of Gaia, by Bart Everson: “Flowers to Flame”

What can we learn, and how can we teach, from the cycles of the Earth — both the cycles within us, and the cycles in which we find ourselves? This essay was first published at Celebration of Gaia. For Glenys…

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